Local Dentists. Low fixed prices.

Made on the Sunshine Coast.

Local Dentists. Low fixed prices.
Made on the Sunshine Coast.

Get straight teeth, at a fixed price, with a real local dentist.

Use our free orthodontic assessment portal to find out what type of aligner treatment suits you best. A qualified dentist will email you a detailed report within 24 hours and a guaranteed price if you’re suitable to move ahead.

No hidden costs.  No strings attached! 

Confirm your treatment by booking a 30-minute no-charge consultation. We’re local dentists based on the Sunshine Coast with our own dedicated orthodontic lab.  We’ll have your smile transformation underway within two weeks and be there whenever you need.

How it Works


Book your FREE one-on-one consultation with a qualified local dentist. 


The dentist will assess and scan your smile to give you a report and guaranteed fixed price.


Pick up your first set of aligners in under two weeks thanks to our dedicated on-site lab. 

Expert local care you can afford.

Straightening your teeth can become an overwhelming process when you don’t feel supported or trust the service you are paying for. Don’t go it alone!

We are trained dental professionals that offer a unique and cost-effective orthodontic service to those who want minimal visits to the dentist but don’t want to miss out on the care and attention that’s needed to get amazing results for that perfectly straight smile.

The real benefits of using Coast Aligners

  • Clinical excellence you can afford
  • Interest-free payment plans
  • Get started in two weeks
  • Emergency care whenever you need
  • Comfortable, high quality, near invisible aligners 
  • Manufactured on the Sunshine Coast! 

Treatment Types & Cost

Yes! It's possible...
Affordable fixed priced clear aligners with a real dentist.

Our expert dental team will assess your photos and email you a detailed report on your suitability and the cost to straighten your smile.  If we consider you to be a good candidate for clear aligners we’ll put you into one of the treatment types below and offer you a fixed price to get you smiling straight. 


No missing teeth and only a few teeth to move. 



Moderate crowding or spaces to correct



Severe crowding, spaces and large bite changes needed


We deliver comfortable transparent clear aligners.
Made by locals, for locals.

Dr Tom – Lead Dentist

Dr. Tom Li is a general dentist and the Coast Aligners orthodontic guru. He will be with you every step of the way throughout your journey towards the perfect smile. Dr Tom will be your orthodontic dental professional from start to finish, making sure you receive amazing results under his watchful eye.

Tina – Oral Health Therapist

Tina is a trained oral health therapist that specialises in the treatment of gum care, child dentistry and orthodontic services. You will visit Tina throughout your treatment to maintain the health of your teeth and gums while you undergo orthodontic care with Coast Aligners. 

Kaysea – Clinical Assistant

Kaysea will oversee your entire care when you visit our clinic and between visits, should you have any questions about your care. Kaysea is a fully qualified dental assistant with a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be sued to guide you throughout your orthodontic treatment.

Leigha – Administrator

Leigha is your first point of contact when you contact or visit our practice.  She will walk you through every step of your journey towards achieving the smile of your dreams.  Leigha is available to schedule visits, discuss finance options and assist with any inquiries via email or phone.

Get Quick

In as little as 6 months.



Typically, the fees range between $3500 – $5500 with the majority of patients falling in between that. There is a percentage of people that will fall outside on that range depending on the complexity but that will be discussed with you clearly from the initial consultation.

The fee that you’re quoted from the start will include all your review visits and a set of retainers for when you’re finished. There are usually no additional fees unless aligners are lost or not being worn as suggested.

There are multiple interest free payment plans that will be available to suit most budgets and financial situations. We are happy to discuss what we have on offer at your initial consultation.

If you have orthodontic coverage under your private health policy, that can definitely be used towards your Coast Aligners treatment plan.

Clear Aligners is an umbrella term that’s used to describe Byte, Smile Direct Club and more. Coast Aligners is an aligner system that offers premium quality aligners that help straight your teeth in the same way these other companies do, however, with Coast Aligners you will be overseen by our Coast Aligner dentists on regular intervals to ensure that your teeth are straight in the shortest period of time.

No! Many aligners on the market currently require no in-person appointments. Unlike those, your Coast Aligner dentists are trained in orthodontics who will treat you from the initial consultation, to regular checks to ensure your teeth are tracking well, all the way until your final appointment.

On average, treatment takes between 12 months to 24 months,depending on the complexity. This will be clearly discussed with you prior to you starting your Coast Aligner journey

Coast Aligners need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day for predictable teeth movements, proven by multiple orthodontic research studies. It is possible to wear them for less hours however it may add on an additional treatment time as teeth movement become less stable when they are worn less than 22 hours per day. 

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The dentist will put together your report and email you within 24 hours.